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Happy Sunday folks!

It’s certainly a happy weekend for this pair, Edna and Bella! We rescued two ex-commercial ducks this weekend to add to the menagerie. Recently named Edna and Bella have come from a commercial duck farm for eggs, as the ducks get a little older (18 months old), their egg production reduces slightly, and they are  replaced with younger ducks. Generally the the ducks will go for slaughter, however some rescue charities step in and try to re-home the ducks, which is how we came across these girls!


We saw a post on Facebook from ‘Melton Mowbray Fresh Start for Hens’ informing people of the ducks coming up for rehoming and decided to add a couple to our poultry flock. We already have two runner ducks called Heidi and Peppy, who you will be introduced to later on…

Edna and Bella have never felt earth beneath their feet, the warmth of the sunshine on their backs, or paddled and swam in water, but that is all about to change! They have moved in with our hens for now, allowing them near the duck pond could be potentially dangerous as they are not waterproof at the moment. We have given them a shallow tray of water to dip their heads into and drink from, and once they start preening themselves and secreting oil from their preen gland (located near their tail), they will be able to waterproof their feathers and then we can let them have access to the pond, and join Heidi and Peppy for a summer of quacking fun!

We’ll keep you updated on their progress into a free range life, and those of you who come to stay at Blue Barn will be able to see them first hand!

Have a good week.

Kate & Chris


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