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On your door step! Look out of your windows to view birds feeding on the feeders. Notice any bats flying around at night over the pond situated behind the hedge out of the living room window? Walk around the local area and along the River Trent to view a range of bird species, waterfowl, invertebrates, insects etc. Listen out for the tawny owls at night! Notice a flurry of pigeon feathers on the floor? A sparrow hawk is close by!


Local Nature Reserves:

  • The Southwell Trail – dating back to 1842 and a former railway line. Southwell Trail is provides a habitat corridor through the Southwell landscape and is also a public footpath, cycle route and bridleway connecting Southwell, Kirklington, Farnsfield and Bilsthorpe. There are free public car parks at Southwell, Kirklington, Farnsfield and Bilsthorpe. Dogs are welcome on a lead or under close control.

 Look out for yellowhammer, goldfinch, green woodpecker, willow tit, common whitethroat and flycatcher. Common lizards may also be found in open areas! For more information please visit:


  • Osmanthorpe Nature Reserve – located in Edingley/Kirklington, this site was originally a fruit orchard, with some fruit trees still remaining. It was turned into a Nature Reserve in 2001 by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust as the result of a legacy.

 For more information please visit: 

Sat Nav: NG22 8NJ


  • Duke’s Wood Nature Reserve – an important historical site, Duke’s Wood was the location of the UK’s first onshore oilfield. It is now a woodland nature reserve where visitors can follow the Duke’s Woord Trail. Part of the site is a nationally-designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The woodland consists of oak, ash, hazel and birch, guelder rose, dogwood, wild privet and elder, with a diverse range of wildflower species.

Watch out for blackcap, garden warbler, spotted flycatcher, great spotted woodpecker and jay. Butterfly species include common blue, comma, peacock, brimstone, and the gatekeeper. Rarely seen, but can occur are roe deer, fox, stoat and badger! For more information please visit: 

Sat Nav: NG22 0DR

  • Eakring Meadows – species-rich meadows on damp or wet soils. The meadows contain diverse grasses and flowers including sweet vernal, red fescue, Yorkshire fog, ragged robin and lady’s smock. The best time to visit is spring and early summer to enjoy the butterflies and flowers!

 For more information please visit: 

Sat Nav: NG22 0AY for the west end of the reserve, NG22 0BJ for the eastern end of the reserve.

  • Attenborough Nature Centre – 360 acres of wildlife habitat on complex flooded former gravel pits and islands. This award-winning Nature Centre is a natural haven which is also a nationally designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Attenborough Nature Centre has an Education facility and regularly holds events and training days/courses. Why not hop on the train from Fiskerton to Attenborough Nature Reserve (Beeston)?!

 For more information please visit:

Sat Nav: NG9 6DY

  • Wollaton Hall Park – Wollaton Hall contains vast parkland for visitors to enjoy, with suggested walking routes, formal gardens, botanical gardens and a deer park to explore and enjoy. Approximately 80 red deer and 120 fallow deer roam freely throughout the park and have done since the 14th Observe the rutting season during September and October (but please respect the wildlife and keep your distance). Calving season is June and July, watch the females give birth to calves and observe the family interactions.

 Wollaton Hall hosts and creates lots of events! Keep checking the website for up-to-date information.

 For more information please visit: 

Sat Nav:  NG8 2AE


These lovely places give you just a taste of the wildlife on offer within the area, utilise the wifi to search for more Nature Reserve’s should you wish to travel a little further. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust website is an excellent resource to find reserves within the county.

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