Blue Barn, Cooks Lane, Morton, Newark, NG25 0XQ


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  • Bat walks – accompany Kate on a bat walk to observe and listen to bats echo locating by using a heterodyne bat detector, ID guides and bat detector provided
  • Pond dipping – there are three ponds located on-site which are full of life, have a go at pond dipping with Kate to see what critters you may find! ID guides, sampling trays, magnifying glasses, nets etc provided.
  • Setting up a wildlife garden – walk with Kate around the wildlife garden and wooded area for an informal chat (with a cup of tea!) about gardening for wildlife and the little differences you can make to any garden to provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Groom a goat/pony/pig – we plan to expand our animal family and you can therefore have the opportunity to interact with some lovely creatures, groom them, and most importantly, get a selfie with them!

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