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Hi All,

When deciding on the logo and what to include, we couldn’t think of a better image than a tawny owl. Why? The local area is fortunate to be home to many tawny owls; we can’t remember the last time we didn’t hear a tawny owl at night!


We enjoy wildlife and aim to provide suitable habitats for them on-site, there are a couple of tawny owl boxes, a barn owl box, and many bird and bat boxes on-site! One of the new boxes we have put up sits overlooking Blue Barn’s garden, hopefully it’ll become occupied over the next year and you may see an owl swooping in. During your stay you will most probably hear them as they become active from dusk on wards! Barn owls can be seen if you’re lucky in the local area, and we have a little owl that occasionally makes an appearance too.


           Tawny owl box situated in a small wildlife wooded area on-site, can be accessed via a footpath.

Alongside providing habitat and nesting areas for the winged variety of wildlife, we also have a succession of ponds within our garden, which can be viewed out of Blue Barn’s kitchen and living area windows. Frogs, toads and newts have moved in since we started building ponds, and an array of aquatic invertebrates. The water sources also attract beautiful dragonflies and damselflies which can be seen dancing around the water in the summer sun! We love wildflowers and hopefully you will see them making an appearance in spring through to autumn, providing vital food sources for bees, hover flies, butterflies and a variety of other winged insects.

                                                  Red Admiral – Vanessa atalanta

We are currently in the process of making a small wildlife area within Blue Barn’s garden for guests to enjoy, currently we have an earth hibernacula, a log pile, a small water source, and wildflower seeds will be sown in spring. Guests can relax in their garden and soak up the wildlife.

More to come on local wildlife in the near future!

Kate & Chris

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