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Anyone for fresh free-range eggs? We sell our hen eggs at the end of the drive in a cute homemade blue hut…. £1.20 per 1/2 dozen.

Guests at Blue Barn however will have a couple of our hen eggs waiting for them in the kitchen (subject to availability!). We also found some very cute blue egg cup holders in Newark Antiques Centre to sit them in! Picture perfect you might say.

Eggs from our free-range hens.


We have 15 lovely hens on our smallholding, 6 of them are re-homed ex-battery hens from The British Hen Welfare Trust. Each one of them has their own unique personality. The hens lay an array of beautifully coloured eggs, it’s always exciting to collect them at the end of the day and see the different colours! In the winter months egg production naturally decreases due to a reduction in daylight hours, however with the nights beginning to draw out and some much welcomed sunnier days, the girls’ egg laying power has started to increase!

Heidi or Peppy (our runner duck comedy duo) laid a first egg the other day too, its the first duck egg that has been laid since they joined the menagerie in autumn last year. Hopefully we will be able to offer duck eggs in spring from Heidi, Peppy and new recruits Edna and Bella!

Anyway, must dash – omelettes to make!!

Best wishes

Kate & Chris

PS. Does anyone know who has laid the two special blue eggs!?

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